Waterfront Tower

Kingston, Ontario

The location of this proposed project provides a rare opportunity where many strong site characteristics are combined into one. Its location on the Kingston waterfront, its connection with waterfront recreation pathways, and its proximity to the Kingston downtown area, make this project particularly unique.

Christopher Simmonds Architect’s design calls for a limestone faced podium that forms a sculptural landscape element within the site that connects the overall landscape design to the structure of the building. Through the use of stone, the podium reflects the solidarity of its internal program (parking) without appearing to be a garage. Its material character relates to the neighbouring historical structures as well as Kingston’s historical built identity.

The tower that extends above the podium is split into two narrow slivers that shift from each other in the direction of the dock. This implied movement further accentuates the narrowness of the site while lightening the overall massing. One sliver reaches out to the water and cantilevers over the podium, further lightening the form while providing remarkable views out to the water. Long strip balconies layer the north façade, and although the units are stacked, a formal variation is expressed through the balcony lengths and their changing location.
Outdoor Terraces sit at both the third level of the podium as well as a portion of the tower roof. Due to the shift in the tower, the tower rooftop terrace is given some protection.

This project is in the conceptual stages.