Red Team Headquarters

Ottawa, Ontario

This project encompasses two mid-size buildings on one site – a 2-storey office building as well as a single storey storage facility. The overall site design places the more public, dynamic, and open areas towards the street, while hiding the parking and facility services.

Although the structures stretch across the majority of the site, the design strategy minimizes the overall impact the buildings on neighbouring properties. Taking advantage of the inherent slope on the property, the overall massing concept centers around the design of a landscape oriented form. The proportion of these forms, as well as their material design highlights the office building while allowing the storage facility to blend into the landscape.

The two buildings, with their sloped surfaces, create a formal landscape that frame the property. Although the forms are prominent, the use of natural materials works to retain a softness and connection to the surrounding natural context. Wood, metal, and concrete work together to ground the design.

The dynamic forms extend into the interior of the office building where a double height lobby space and feature stair connects the two levels. In addition, a high priority has been placed on common staff facilities such as an open lounge space, a large kitchen, as well as an outdoor terrace. This all results in an open and community oriented work environment.

This project is in the development stages

Estimated square footage: 17,000 sq.ft.