Design Philosophy

Our firm’s philosophy and experience allow us to provide our clients with outstanding buildings. At the core of our work lie three central principles: a belief in sustainability, a recognition of the importance of community, and a commitment to holistic design.


We believe the earth must be viewed as a sacred place. This is the starting point for re-examining the way we build, putting environmental responsibility and human health at the forefront of our approach. Under the guidance of our inventive team of architects, the engineers, energy-modeling experts, builders, and building owners achieve visionary designs shaped by their surroundings.

Creating Community

Every project is an opportunity to encourage a sense of community. We listen carefully to all stakeholders, understand everyone’s needs, and build consensus before creating inventive designs that become a source of pride for all concerned.  We all thrive when we work together to develop design solutions that integrate community solutions and foster community ownership. Successful buildings must be thoughtful, fitting into their neighbourhoods while encouraging human interactions within.

Holistic Design

At Christopher Simmonds Architect, we believe that design must be an inclusive process. We strive to understand exactly how clients aspire to experience a building before designing according to their needs. We then use an intuitive approach that promotes harmony and balance in the environment — if a building is connected with its environment, we believe the inhabitants will benefit from the sustaining energy that nature provides.