Jan Kapsa

B.Arch., OAA

After graduating with distinction from Carleton University, Jan continued his studies at the Academy of Architecture, Charles University in Prague, where he became familiar with traditional masonry buildings. Since returning to Canada, Jan has accumulated over twenty years of experience in a variety of roles, project types, and delivery systems including P3, Design-Build, and Construction-Management. He has acquired extensive experience with multi-tenant residential and commercial high-rise concrete structures as well as commercial and institutional steel-framed buildings. Jan has been with Christopher Simmonds Architect since 2015.

With a diverse portfolio ranging from suspension bridges to electric guitars, Jan offers a unique perspective that is inspired by his profound understanding of time-honored and emerging building technologies, longstanding background in construction and fabrication, and ever present commitment to energy and form. For Jan, the elusive synergy between a given projects budgetary, situational, and regulatory constraints and those of the client’s needs and visions is key to producing the most elegant solutions.

In his spare time, Jan enjoys many social activities in the company of his friends and family almost as much as he loves designing and producing personal works and artifacts.

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