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Muskoka Lakes Boathouse

Muskoka, Ontario

This rebuilt boathouse contains a new 600sq.ft. second storey guest suite - complete with kitchenette, living space, three piece washroom, bedroom and roof terrace. Situated at the end of a narrow bay, the design mediates between extended views out to the wide vista of the distant lake and the immediacy of the enclosed forested shoreline of the bay.

The exterior cladding of the main volume is clear stained western red cedar, used horizontally on the ground floor and vertically above. Feature walls are clad in integrally coloured cement panels. Stair guards are steel framed with a wire mesh infill and add a further nautical level of detail. The cabin is constructed as a hybrid post and beam/wood stud frame structure with exposed Douglas Fir roof rafters and decking.


  • Winner of Open Category (projects in North America), 2011 Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association (GOHBA) Awards



Christopher Simmonds
Architect Inc.

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Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6S3

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