Cornwall River House

Cornwall, Ontario

Rebuilding on the footprint of the original home allows this new home on the St. Lawrence River an intimate proximity to the water’s edge.

The kitchen is the heart of this home – and an array of functions radiate from it. To the east is a two-storey sitting area; to the south is the dining room which can be lengthened, almost indefinitely into the adjacent spaces when large crowds are served. Further south is a deck which overlooks the river while sheltering a hot tub below. To the west is the living room with fireplace, and further west are the screened porch and outdoor entertaining spaces around the pool. A wrap-around porch interconnects the generous rounded deck with the pool and patio.
The upstairs bedroom level accommodates a sumptuous ensuite with stand alone tub, dark tiled walls and iridescent shower tiles. The curved glass shower walls respond to the elegant sculptural form of the freestanding soaker tub.

This home won Best Project in the Open Category at the Ottawa Housing Design awards in 2012.